AHIPP plans HIP code update

The Association of Home Information Pack Providers is to implement an updated version of the HIP code on April 6.

The update is timed to coincide with the expiry of transitional arrangements on the same day.

It also follows the launch of a Platform Provider category of organisations that subscribe to the code.

It is hoped that the launch, carried out by the Property Codes Compliance Board, will give smaller HIP providers the means to subscribe to the code.

Mike Ockenden, director-general of AHIPP, says: “From April 6 consumers and estate agents will become much more engaged with the HIP process.

“Sellers will need a HIP to be in place before they can market their home and they must complete a Property Information Questionnaire before the HIP can be produced.

“Against this backdrop, it is vital the HIP Code works well to protect consumer and estate agent interests”.

He adds: “With the new Platform Provider category of code registrant there is absolutely no reason for providers to work outside the Code framework.

“My clear message to consumers and estate agents is to only use packs that carry the HIP Code logo.”