The best of the comments from Mortgage Strategy

Three people, including a former police financial investigator, are sentenced for defrauding mortgage providers out of £4.6m:
“These stories always seem to come to light after mass fraud has already taken place and loans have gone belly up. You’d think lenders would have better fraud detection structures in place by now.”

Staff at Beacon Homeloans have been placed into consultation: “It’s sad to hear this news. I’ve worked with the staff at Beacon and have always
been impressed with how professional and efficient they are. I hope the management team will find funding, but if not I wish them all the best in their new ventures. I know Mark Abbott and Andrew Townsend will have done everything in their power to keep the business afloat.”

The recovery in property prices has run out of steam and they will remain static or even fall, says Datamonitor: “Another headline states – ’Increase in number of home buyer enquiries’. Would it be so bad to have a period of stability in house prices at a time when buyers are looking to re-enter the market? Confidence is the only way forward, and steady price rises would mean more remortgage activity too. Come on buyers, get buying.”