Track down clients who need your help


Our industry seems to be full of research papers, surveys, indices and tally-ups on the back of cigarette packets.

While it’s sometimes hard to keep up it’s also difficult not to be aware of how, what and where products and services are being bought, sold and advised upon.

For example, a recent news story stated that investors are taking matters into their own hands. According to the Fair Investment Company, 78% of its investors do not seek advice before making decisions on where to put their cash – a 14% rise compared with six months ago.

This highlights the impact of the internet and the amount of research consumers are willing to undertake.

But I wonder how many of that 78% will end up making the best decisions. Not as many as they think, I reckon.

This may not be a fair comparison with the pension or mortgage markets but it does highlight a shift in mentality.

Of course, among the financially savvy hordes there are still a number who need advice. So how do advisers target them, especially those who are looking beyond their area of expertise?

Well, it’s relatively simple – form an affiliation with a specialist but do due diligence on them first.

One important factor to consider is how much they will help in the generation of business and maximising that already on your database.

A good partnership can help with marketing, generating leads and turning these into business.