The Mortgage Mole


Screen star With times so tough in the industry it’s no surprise that some professionals are looking to diversify into other areas. And for one industry stalwart that other area is rather more glamorous than the one we inhabit.

Yes, Terry Pritchard, managing director of Charterhouse Retirement Solutions, is rumoured to be planning a foray into the world of showbiz.
The industry heavyweight is thought to be lined up as an expert on the BBC’s daytime television series Homes Under The Hammer, so keep your eyes peeled for his celebrity debut soon.

Shore enough Sailing involves a certain amount of risk. Braving the waves and battling the wind and rain is fraught with danger but when Mortgage Strategy publisher Anna Ruddock went sailing at Cowes recently, courtesy of The Mortgage Alliance (see caption picture, right), it seems much of the adventure happened before she even got on the boat.

First, while enjoying a couple of drinks in celebration of her impending trip Ruddock lost track of the time and missed her train. After waiting four hours for the next one the booze got the better of her and despite managing to board it she subsequently failed to get off, thus missing her stop.

This resulted in a £50 taxi ride during which the driver accidentally crashed into a badger, bumping the car and spelling curtains for Mole’s furry friend.

Who needs the bother of sailing when you can get action like this before you set foot on board?