Spurs must not take risky route to glory


As I write this we are on the verge of the real football season beginning. I know other leagues have already started but I’m talking about the cut and thrust of the greatest league in the world – the Premiership.

OK, so the World Cup proved it’s no longer the best league in the world. It also proved that English players aren’t as good as we thought, that we don’t have enough English managers and that a half-decent player is much cheaper to buy if he’s not English.

But that’s by the by. As a Spurs fan – with one of the few English managers in the top flight, I might add – I look forward to the new season with relish.

But the question is – should Spurs be prepared to sacrifice a steady domestic season for some explosive adventures in the Champions League?

Do we want a steady ship where we don’t disgrace ourselves in Europe and consolidate our position in the top four of the Premiership or do we want the highs of some amazing victories to give us a chance of Euro glory at the expense of league position?

It’s a tricky one. I may not have always thought this way but I now prefer solid foundations. So let’s build on what we have without overextending ourselves and taking unnecessary risks to revisit Spurs’ glory years.

A carefree attitude and an unbridled approach to risk could cost us dear and send us into the abyss for years as we struggle to emerge from the financial peril our imprudence has caused. Hang on, that rings a bell.