Off-the-shelf IT is your flexible friend


Heads you win, tails you win – you may think I’m referring to the life of a banker, and my blood pressure does indeed rise thinking about the bonuses some are considering awarding themselves.

But actually I’m referring to the benefits of selecting the right IT system. Years ago I was convinced by an IT consultant working for me that having a bespoke system was the only way to get what our business needed at the time – a unique offering.

Of course, to a degree he was right. But hindsight is a wonderful thing and what was supposed to give us a cutting edge was also fiendishly expensive to update.

Every time we wanted to add more products which needed a different sales process we spent hours explaining what we wanted to the IT company which then spent hours developing it – only it could make the changes.

Manual workarounds became the norm which meant the risk of human error, incorrect management information and compliance mistakes.
If you think buying an off-the-shelf solution means you don’t have a unique selling point, think again. Systems are now so configurable that the same one can look and feel different in each case.

Usually, you can add products and services simply. Just let your IT provider know so you get access to the relevant areas. And of course, a single code stream means you benefit from all the enhancements the provider makes without it costing you more money.

You don’t have to be a banker to always come up smelling of roses.