Grasping benefits of private surveys

While there is some justification in suggesting the initiative was overdue, the surveying industry has been working to educate and inform stakeholders on the merits of private surveys when buying.

Having been supported for many years by high volumes from lenders, arguably the sector became less proactive than it might be regarding its obligation to educate consumers and advisers.

With lender-generated volumes unlikely to recover soon, investing in education makes financial sense and is the right thing to do.

It’s pleasing to see related sectors also getting behind the initiative, with solicitors, lenders and estate agents highlighting the benefits of private surveys.

What puzzles me is the inertia from a sector that is usually renowned for its ability to offer advice and take advantage of commercial opportunities.

I am talking about you, dear readers. So far brokers seem reluctant to step into this space, inadvertently allowing others to take a pre-eminent role with customers while watching a potential income stream float past.

I might understand if this was concern that a survey might scupper a deal. But our evidence points in the opposite direction – that a private survey effectively locks in a purchase.

By contrast, estate agents typically have the same concerns as brokers yet are welcoming the opportunity with open arms.

So a mystery it remains – perhaps the sector is doing better than I’d thought.