Sellers twice as likely to use estate agent

Home sellers are twice as likely to use an estate agent when selling their home than in 2007, says

In a poll conducted last year, discovered that 62% of sellers had, or had considered, selling their property without using the services of an estate agent.

However, in a similar survey carried out in August, this figure fell to 32%, as nervous sellers shied away from taking on the full responsibility for their sale, drawn instead back to the added security, professional advice and marketing power provided by an estate agent.

Keith McNeilly, co-founder of, says: “In a difficult climate, where 150 estate agents are reported to be closing down every month, these findings offer some welcome news for those agents trying hard to remain optimistic.

“However the best agents come into their own when the going gets tough, coaxing chains of buyers along, exerting pressure to keep the paperwork moving as well as providing invaluable advice if the buyer gets difficult or attempts gazundering at the last minute.”