Panorama to tackle the credit crunch

The BBC has torn up its original script for Monday night’s Panorama and will instead run a special edition entitled How Safe is your Money? following the turmoil in the financial markets.

The BBC says: “On Tuesday the decision was made to tear up the TV schedule for next Monday and do a completely new programme called How Safe Is My Money?

“We call this kind of programme a “fast turn around” – instead of the usual weeks or even months of research which goes into making an episode of Panorama we have had just under a week.

“A week to find experts, insiders and case studies, to film both in the UK and US, to script and edit the programme and have it ready to go by Monday evening.”

Monday night’s programme, which is scheduled for 8.30 pm will look at how the economic turmoil will affect millions around the world, not just bankers and shareholders.