Firms told to prioritise technology

A case management firm is encouraging brokers, packagers and lenders to put technology at the heart of their businesses.

CasePRO says that many mortgage brokers still rely on mismatched or outdated spreadsheets and some form of manual record keeping.

The case management company says that by updating their systems brokers and other financial services firms can save money and make their businesses more efficient.

Chris Waite, managing director of CasePRO, says: “The cost of compliance alone in terms of time and effort makes it imperative that every business, whether mortgage or investment-based, should be looking to automate its administrative processes.

“The time when manual file keeping was sufficient is past. The demand on businesses to free up time for new business acquisition as well as ensuring that service levels are maintained and records are instantly available for compliance scrutiny means that all businesses should be investing in a technology answer.”