Evaluate to develop comparison system

Evaluate Technologies says it is developing the next generation of consumer price comparison systems that can be white labelled and placed on brokers\' websites.

Competing directly with the likes of mortgage comparison website Mform. co.uk, Evaluate will launch an online system that consumers can input their details into and source mortgage products from.

Where it differs from rivals is how it involves brokers. Consumers can source the mortgage of their choice but to complete the deal they need to contact brokers.

Brokers can buy a white labelled version of the system to feature on their own websites. Consumers visiting them will be able to make use of Evaluate’s price comparison software and connect directly to brokers.

Evaluate has also secured a tie-in with an as yet undisclosed major terrestrial television channel. The system will feature on its website. It will then sell consumer mortgage requests as leads to specific broker partners.

Paul Fradgley, chief executive of Evaluate, says: “Users will be encouraged to ask for help from regulated brokers throughout the process.”

The firm aims to launch the software by the end of the year.