Connect has messed me about with proc fee payment

As a packager I\'ve been a big supporter of Connect Mortgages for the past year.

I thought its electronic application submission system was fantastic and it provided me with one lead for every three cases I submitted, a bonus for a small company.

But in the past few weeks I have changed my mind. Considering Connect published a press release advising that it would shortly start paying out proc fees on offer, I’m still waiting for a payment it owes me for a case I completed nearly two months ago.

It has told me that there is a problem with its automated system, that the cheque I should have received has gone missing and its financial director, who apparently is the only person in the company able to make bank transfer payments, is on holiday.

Even after making a complaint, Connect still hasn’t agreed that the cheque being reissued can be sent special delivery to arrive the next day. It says it needs to go through an administration procedure that will take another 24 hours.

As if it isn’t difficult enough to get cases through to completion with products being pulled with little or no notice, stricter lending criteria and the slump in the housing market, it now appears that even if you complete a case you have to fight to get your proc fees paid this side of Christmas.

In future I’ll stick to dealing with lenders directly.

Laraine Adams

By email