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We must adapt to change and realise how lucky we are

October has been an inspirational month. I have encountered so many individuals who have inspired me to see life as it is and make me appreciate how lucky I am and what opportunities are out there.

I was at an event where I met a gentleman who had a glow of happiness about him. His handshake was warm and his eyes were full of affection. I asked him how he was coping with the changing market.

He replied that “life is always changing, always evolving and it would be pretty boring if it didn’t”.

He said he got his resolve when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer six years ago. It made him realise what a fantastic gift life was.

He was determined to beat the cancer and live life to the full. He did just that – beat the cancer and refocused his attentions on his business.

He was attending the event as he realised he needed to change what he was doing and redirect his business to focus more on life and protection sales. He said if he wasn’t a living example of why you should have at least critical life cover, who was?

He was also doing more mortgage exams to make sure he was ahead of the game in case further changes came in over the next few years. Nothing was going to get him down.

He said he felt lucky to be alive and whatever economic challenges lay ahead he would surround himself with people who could help him adapt and change.

It was then that he let slip that his cancer had reappeared in two other areas of his body, his bowel and his kidney, but he had beaten it once before.

I was speechless. I must admit I have asked myself when my luck will change. But suddenly I thought I hope my luck never changes. All I need to do is listen, adapt and work hard.

If my new friend can adapt to what life has thrown at him and can stay positive while fighting for his life and is prepared to adapt to changes in our industry, I can feel inspired and lucky in what I have.

Roger Morris
Sales and marketing director
Affirmative Finance


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