Protection can mean more than a payout


With Christmas fast approaching many people will be keeping a close eye on their finances as they weigh up the costs of festive spending.

Now more than ever, consumers will want good value for money. For some that might mean buying a bumper pack of baubles from a discount store, while others won’t mind spending a bit extra on quality baubles that last.

Many consumers are happy to pay more for quality so why shouldn’t the same principle apply to protection?

When it comes to buying life cover, price has always been an issue. But the cheapest may not always offer the best value.

For a little extra each month, often only pennies, it’s possible to buy a policy that also includes access to emotional and practical support.
As important and essential as a financial benefit is, money worries might not be at the forefront of someone’s mind if they are dealing with the death of someone close.

So it’s an important feature to highlight that some protection products don’t just pay out lump sums or income.

Services such as bereavement counselling provided by Bright Grey’s Helping Hand are designed to complement the financial benefits of insurance. And for some people these services can offer more of a lifeline than the financial payout.

Protection insurance is fundamentally about peace of mind and sometimes the extra help and support that an add-on service can offer is invaluable.