Offers of funding are starting to roll in, says Tiuta

Guy Garrard, head of business development at Tiuta, has revealed it has received a number of offers for funding.

Speaking at the Mortgage Business Expo last week, he told the audience that the offers are from well-known firms.

Garrard says: “Six months ago nobody wanted to talk about funding but now we are getting many offers of funding and it’s from the kind of people everybody knows.

“We will be the start of a re-covery and it will be a different world in 12 months’ time.”

Garrard also predicted that the buy-to-let market will be regulated by the Financial Services Authority by this time next year.

He asked delegates if they believed buy-to-let would be regulated by this time next year, and the majority said it would.

He says: “Buy-to-let regulation will be good for the market if it is done properly, but that is a big if.”