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Mortgage Mole


  • Crush Valentine’s Day may be over but love is still in the air in the Mortgage Strategy office. Mole loves a bit of gossip so was practically giddy at discovering one of the Strategy sales team has apparently got something of a crush on a certain somebody in the mortgage industry.

The lucky lady has no idea she is the object of the sales superstar’s affections but Mole is hoping Cupid will do his bit at the Mortgage Strategy Awards this month. Until then the lovelorn lad is having to keep his feelings at bay.

The dreamer in question is being rather coy but his blushes on the mention of her name shows there are no prizes for guessing who he wants to be the leading lady in his love story.

  • Pile ’em high With the credit crunch still hitting hard everyone is doing their best to diversify their offerings. So Mole was not surprised to hear that budget supermarket chain Lidl is set to expand its services too.

But he was a little taken aback when he heard what area the firm will be getting into – nursing homes.

Lidl is apparently planning to open an 80-bed home in Tipperary, Ireland. The two-storey development will be on a site in Roscrea, where it already operates a store.

Plans have been submitted for several nursing home developments in Ireland including a 64-bed, two-storey facility in Newcastle, County Dublin.
If the homes are like the stores – a discount version of their more expensive counterparts – Mole wonders just how much more budget care homes can get.

  • Swinging london You may call him naive but Mole likes to believe the financial services industry is full of upstanding, morally aware members of society. You won’t find the likes of John Terry or Vernon Kay in our gang.

So he was worried to learn that east London, the heart of the financial industry and home, of course, to the Financial Services Authority, is also the adultery capital of England. Research from shows that London is the top town for playing away.

And the findings of 3,000 adultery petitions reveal the borough of Tower Hamlets in the east of the capital to be the worst place when it comes to married partners fooling around.

Mole is sure nobody in the financial services industry would indulge in such shameful behaviour. After all, bankers are far too busy counting their bonuses and deciding which shares to speculate on to fit in affairs.

  • Fight the power Since the downturn began tempers have flared around the world. The public has been annoyed with governments, governments have been annoyed with the mortgage industry and just about everyone has been annoyed with bankers.

But four pensioners in Germany took their annoyance to extreme levels recently when they kidnapped their financial adviser after their property investments made losses.

The vigilante quartet – aged between 63 and 79 – allegedly took the adviser from his home in western Germany and drove him 280 miles to southern Bavaria. It is claimed they forced him to promise to refund them £2.5m but the adviser managed to alert police by concealing a secret message in a fax.

The badgered broker was held for four days before being freed and the pensioners are on trial for kidnapping.


Press release about FSA CEO quitting was cringeworthy

The nature of the announcement last week that Hector Sants is to step down from the top job at the regulator made me cringe. But then, it seems there is no shame at this level of politics. The regulator is a shambles and with hindsight it is clear there was no need to move away […]


Guide: 10 required letters — what to send, to whom and when?

This guide from Johnson Fleming will take you through the required communication and also give ideas for additional actions that will ensure your auto-enrolment project is a success. The topics in this guide include: the letters you need to send out; what to send and when; the importance of employee engagement; and what to consider as additional communication.


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