Giving Woolwich an award for its IT must be visionary

I was amazed to receive an email from Woolwich stating that it had received a 2009 Gold Standard award for technology from Mortgage Strategy. Without a doubt its online system is one of the worst available.

There is no flow between Key Facts Illustration production, applications and case tracking – each has a separate system that does not communicate with the others.

Also, its data collection forms differ from the information requested on its system, meaning brokers have to go back to clients for more data. It also asks you to complete information it already has on the system.

If you don’t have all the relevant information you must send it a request signed by your client so that it can send you the data.

You can then input it on its system and send it to Woolwich – a complete waste of time when you compare it with Halifax, which can pre-populate forms from its records. And the case tracking is hopeless as it is not updated.

To add insult to injury, Woolwich’s system declines cases that should go through.

The system is so complicated that even its staff don’t understand how it works.

I can only assume the award is an example of clairvoyance and that Woolwich will replace its system with a good one next year.

Mark Sessions

Senior adviser

Harvey Curtis

Burgess Hill

East Sussex