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Cameron takes FSA to task on mortgage fraud

David Cameron has called into question the methods used by the government to discourage mortgage fraud.

In a speech this morning the Tory leader called for the Financial Services Authority to be given more power to make an example of fraudsters operating in the mortgage world.

He noted that very few criminal charges have been brought against mortgage cheats and suggests that more must be done.

He says: ” I welcome the recent comments by Jamie Symington of the FSA that they would “bring more criminal prosecutions in the future”. But the truth remains that in the last twelve months, they have only brought four cases to trial.

“And only one of these has any connection to the current crisis – a mortgage advisor who lied and submitted forged documents in his application to become an FSA approved person.

“The other three all involved incidences of insider dealing that occurred before the debt crisis. This is not, at root, about more legislation.The laws are already there. Rather, it’s about implementation and law enforcement.”

Cameron acknowledges that the Serious Fraud Office should play an important role but he cites a review conducted by American prosecutor Jessica de Grazia suggesting that it is not as effective as it could be.

Cameron adds: ” The FSA and the SFO should be following up every lead, investigating every suspect transaction. And the government should be urging them on, because we need to make it one hundred percent clear: those who break the law should face prosecution.”


Nightmares before Xmas

There’s no doubt about it, 2008 has been the mortgage industry’s annus horribilis. No amount of Christmas lights or tinsel can disguise the fact that the past 12 months have been the cruellest the sector has seen for decades. Businesses that seemed bullet- proof have been shot down, industry stalwarts deemed untouchable found themselves unemployed and the broker sector, only two years ago seen as the foundation of the industry, has been shaken to the core.

Evaluate introduces modular sourcing

Evaluate Technologies has developed a modular proposition for its EvaluateConsumer sourcing solution, which makes it available to any firm – regardless of budget or sales process.


To the outside world, hedge funds have historically been seen as closed organisations that seem to make a lot of money – though, granted, most people haven’t the foggiest how they do it. Well now could be the time for more clarity.

Gross mortgage lending falls 22% in November

Gross mortgage lending fell from £18.6bn in October to just £14.6bn in November – a massive 22% drop.The Council of Mortgage Lenders says that in November 2007 almost £30bn worth of mortgages was completed. So year-on-year gross lending is down by a whopping 51%.The trade body says that while there is typically a decline from […]

Health services

Challenges and opportunities

By Sarah Scott, marketing consultant On 22 February this year the charity Diabetes UK launched a fundraising initiative, #Swim22. They challenged individuals to swim 22 miles over the course of 89 days – a distance that equates to the width of the English Channel. Because of the time period the challenge is spread over, it […]


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  • mic2002 11th January 2011 at 1:10 pm

    Yes,and when Mr Cameron admitted smoking pot,(along with many other politians) they should all be prosecuted too cos thats breaking the law as well.Or maybe thats different?