Barclays lurks at the bottom of an empty barrel

As if things couldn\'t get any worse for brokers, I am now being forced to use companies such as Barclays and Woolwich. Talk about scraping the bottom of an empty barrel.

Dealing with Barclays is the nadir, as the following examples show:

  • None of its helpline staff speak English.

  • Email contact is wired to theBarclays Fantasy Football league.

  • The Fantasy Football league responds more quickly than helpline staff.

  • No offers or communications are sent to brokers.

  • You can only access BDMs if you beg.

  • You are asked a list of security questions before getting through to its helpdesk, whereupon the staff there ask you the same questions.

  • You have to send everything to it three times as it loses 50% of the information it receives.

    If you ever want to feel surplus to requirements, try placing a mortgage with Barclays.

    John Miller


    East Lothian