95% of brokers say equity release vital to their future

A survey by sourcing system Trigold has found that a whopping 95% of brokers say that the equity release market will be vital to them going forward.

Trigold was attempting establish attitudes about the future of the equity release market.

The aim was to establish how important advisors see the equity release market for themselves and their clients both now and in the future and Trigold says that the results were very revealing.

How important is the Equity Release market for you and your clients now and in the future?

Now In the Future

Very Important 31% 51%
Important 45% 44%
Not Important 24% 6%

David Aylmer, business development and marketing director at Trigold, says:
“There has been a huge amount of talk about the equity release sector but this survey really puts it into perspective.

“A third of brokers already believe that the sector is ‘very important’ and more than half share this view for the future.

“Whatever the strength of the feeling this is obviously not a sector that can be ignored as those that think equity release is not currently important drops from 24% to just 6% in the future.”