Mortgage Mole: A change of air


A change of air

Mole wants it to be known that he has no problem with PR. 

Most people working in the profession are very good company and are always ready to buy a round of drinks with their corporate credit card (bonus).

But, on the other hand, sometimes they ask the most bizarre things of journalists. 

A week or two ago, Mole received a press release from Intelligent Loans announcing the launch of its inaugural Specialist Lending Expo in Cardiff in May. An expo just for specialist lending. Sounds good, right?

But Mole flew into a rage and nearly collapsed his little old molehill when he read the following at the bottom of the email: “Please do not alter content at all as this has been approved by the various companies’ compliance teams.”

However, on reflection, Mole realised that he could retire early to the Bahamas if he were to allow PRs to control Mortgage Strategy’s website. 

It’s been nice knowing you, readers. Mole is off to catch a little sun.



Cashing in

Last week, Chancellor George Osborne’s pension freedoms and reforms came into force. Basically, anyone aged 55 or over in a defined contribution scheme can take their entire pension pot as cash and any monies taken out will be taxed at marginal rate.

Of course, some have feared that a raft of pensioners would release their entire pension pots to buy themselves Lamborghinis.

One broker has certainly done so (see picture below) and has decided to call 6 April ‘National Mid-Life Crisis Day’. Snappy.