Analysis: Support needed for short-term lenders


The role of the short-term funder is having a great influence on our improving economy and this impact is supported by the sector’s three main trade bodies.

The National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers, the Association of Short Term Lenders and the Association of Bridging Professionals have increased their influence in recent years but much needs to be done to improve the benefits to all parties via membership.

It is not enough just to pay your subs; you have to derive tangible benefits from this investment. For a lender, this involves making demands of the trade body that will support its members’ bottom-line growth.  

Many lenders are putting plans in place to acquire and diversify; for this to be a viable strategy, they need to get to broader markets. It is here that they need help to improve their distribution.

If the short-term lending sector is to continue its growth in the shadow of reluctant mainstream banks, the lenders need to show the trade bodies how they can fulfil their boast that they exist “to support their members and the broader SME market”.