Analysis: Hunt for cheaper distributors


Some products tend to be sourced by price alone, such as car and home insurance. But consumers generally do far less ‘comparing the market’ when it comes to mortgages. 

The difference between a couple of hundred pounds on car insurance and hundreds of thousands of pounds on a mortgage is substantial and consumers value professional advice to boost their confidence about their decisions.

Conveyancing falls between two stools because, while price is clearly important, quality service is vital for reaching completion within the necessary timescale.

The good news for brokers and their clients is that they can have both. Indeed, it seems strange if clients pay hundreds of pounds more for the same service, with the same firm, simply because the broker has used a more expensive distributor.

If most purchasers are saving money thanks to the stamp duty changes, why should they not also save money on their conveyancing?

Brokers active in conveyancing should find out which distributors are consistently cheaper because the ability to offer savings, with the same quality of service, will never be a bad thing.