Wills service for brokers unveiled

Broker Wills has been launched to offer brokers a high tech will-writing service specifically designed for brokers and financial advisers.

Legal solutions company Epoq, which designed the service, says that unlike existing services that provide advisers with a small royalty or make them spend time preparing all the paperwork for clients’ wills, Broker Wills offers an outsourced service.

Advisers can buy at wholesale rates, then provide wills to clients at the price they judge right for their business.

The firm also gives advisers online tools to manage their wills business including marketing material, will planners for clients and a lead generating facility.

Jack Storey, head of sales and marketing for Broker Wills, says: “Financial advisers undertaking a fact-find are obliged to ask clients whether they have a will.

“Often it is found that the need is there but no solution can be offered. By being able to provide a sensibly priced service to clients, the adviser benefits from increased customer satisfaction and makes some extra money.”

Epoq has sunk 10m into the venture. There is no form filling and no joining fee. The service provides a low fixed price per will and intermediaries can set their own prices in the knowledge they will get paid before the will is completed.

Storey, a former IFA, says: “I used to be an IFA. I wanted to control my own pricing, make bigger margins and get paid upfront, so I researched the market and came across the Broker Wills service. I liked the product so much I teamed up with the company.”