We had a great BDM before B&W left us in the lurch

From Ian Curtis

BDMs alive and well at B&W? I think not.

I read with interest Deirdre McManus’s letter (Mortgage Strategy, November 7), reassuring Monty Burn that B&W has BDMs. We have been packaging for B&W for nearly eight years and until May had an excellent relationship with our BDM.

Then he was transferred, his mobile number was changed and he was not even allowed to tell us that he was no longer dealing with us. Since then, we have not had any contact from anyone at B&W to clarify whether we have a new BDM or not, and no communication to confirm the situation.

When we phoned the number quoted by McManus in her letter to query this, we were told “the situation has not been resolved yet”. And this was in July!

Not the best situation for a packager to be left in, I feel.