TMB unveils packager-focussed range

The Mortgage Business, HBOS Group’s packager-focussed lender, has revealed the products that will take the company into 2006.

The portfolio focusses on three areas – self-cert, self-build and ‘House 2 House’ (for buying a second property for investment) mortgages. Each range has some products that are free from early redemption fees and that come with 750 cashback.

Products in the portfolio include a self-cert mortgage fixed at 4.99% for two years. a two-year tracker ‘House 2 House’ mortgage which is based on income rather than rental income and a three-year tracker rate self-build mortgage at 4.99% which is based on self-cert status rather than full status.

TMB is also considering entering the heavy adverse market in 2006.

Mortgage Strategy caught up with TMB’s director of sales Peter Charge to get the lowdown on the company’s re-focus on packagers.

Q: What do you think you bring from your old role at BM Solutions to your new role at TMB?

A: I bring some of the experience of BM Solutions – in particular when it comes to dealing with the packaging market.

Q: Could BM Solutions’ negativity toward packagers be a problem for you?

A: No not at all. Most of our packagers will know me from before BM Solutions, and know I actually brought the packaging relationship into that company when I joined, some 15 years ago. In terms of the packaging market there is a lot of respect.

For me, the important things are building the relationships we already have and finding new ones in the packaging market. I don’t see the past as a problem.

Q: TMB says it wants to be the packagers’ friend and hold their hands. What does that mean?

A: Like any business we have our key relationship partners. What we’re aiming to do is expand our packaging network and work with some regional players. Perhaps some of the regional packagers – the smaller players – haven’t had the support from the market that they deserve as they play a big role in mortgage distribution. We’re going to work with those guys as well.

Q: What changes are you bringing in, product-wise?

A: The latest product launch is the start of a whole raft of changes that we will be making over the next couple of months.