TMB launches 2006 calendar at Mortgage Expo

The Mortgage Business, HBOS’ specialist and packager focused lender, launches its new calendar for 2006 today at the Mortgage Expo.

The theme for this year is ‘The Great Masters’.

The characters in the calendar are re-enacted by TMB staff, with past themes for the calendar including sports, cartoons on the mortgage code, music and 2005’s theme, the comedy classics.

Nigel Payne, managing director of TMB, says: “The mortgage industry looks forward to TMB’s calendar and the theme is always a closely guarded secret. It is a tradition for the company and one that the TMB team looks forward to.

“Next year’s should prove just as popular as previous years and we hope that TMB’s calendar will be adorning the desks of those in the mortgage industry in no time.”

You can get a free copy of the calender from TMB’s website, where you can also download the calendar as a screen saver.