Rooftop increase maximum loan size on products

Rooftop Mortgages has increased the maximum loan size on a range of its products.

The maximum loan up to 65% LTV has increased to 1m on the stepped light and light adverse range. Up to 75% LTV the maximum loan has raised to 750,000 across the stepped light, light, medium and heavy adverse range.

For loans over 500,000 the application fee is 750 and a second valuation will be required at Rooftops expense. The current cap on procuration fees is unchanged.

The restrictions on buy-to-let property portfolio have also been lifted. The lender will now allow an unlimited portfolio in terms of size and value.

Three Rooftop mortgages are available per customer but the maximum size has increased to 750,000.

In addition, the maximum LTV on buy-to-let light has been increased to 85%. There is no proof of rental income required.