Park Row launches recruitment website

Park Row has high hopes for the recruitment potential of its website

The site has been developed to attract high calibre advisers, managers and support staff. This follows on from Park Rows recruitment micro site, which was launched earlier this year.

The site provides extensive information on Park Row and its employment opportunities for anyone interested in the company. It includes sections covering lead generation, Park Row Corporate and private clients, technology, and adviser contract and commission.

Park Row has also gives browsers the option to register for limited access to its extranet, normally only available to advisers and staff. It provides information about the training and guidance it offers advisers, information on the major comparison and research tools, company news, and individual sections from major product providers and lenders. It also contains examples of its literature and the marketing support it provides.

Park Rows recruitment campaign has gathered pace over the past few months with its micro site receiving in excess of 1000 unique visitors. The campaign has been supported by advertising in the main financial papers and beyond.

Kevin Paterson, sales director at Park Row says the website is an essential tool within the recruitment process. He adds: “The development of the site reflects our commitment to recruiting the right people for Park Row. Most company websites provide information about a company but only aimed at customers or potential customers. The recruitment website is targeted specifically at potential recruits, who will also be able to access our extranet and gain a real feel for the company and how it operates.

“It is important that we are as open as possible, we want to be sure that when someone applies to join us they already have a real feel for the business hence the decision to open up access to our extranet.

“The development of the site is a continual process and with feedback from new recruits we will be able to fine tune the site even further.”

The site provides information for advisers looking to join Park Row as well as for people looking for support or administrative roles within the company. Anne Shields, human resources manager at Park Row. says: “We have over 40 locations around the country, a head office staff of 40 here in Leeds and were a growing business, so recruiting the right staff to support our branches and advisers is critical. The website carries details about the vacancies we have around the UK and will help us to ensure we continue to recruit the right calibre of people.”

The website has been developed on Park Rows behalf by Quay Software and links in with Park Rows back office and administration systems which are also provided by Quay.