Packagers’ success is linked to our own growth at TMB

From Nigel Payne

In response to Simon Mouncher’s letter on the packager market – we at The Mortgage Business believe a little balance is required.

Some talk of the future looking bleak for packagers, but not all lenders endorse this view. People have been predicting the end for packagers for some time, and how wrong they have been.

Many lenders are using technology to offer solutions to brokers, mostly driven by regulatory requirements but also to meet the demand. And this process will continue.

But there is an opportunity for the packaging community to embrace change and use existing systems better or develop new ones. A number of our key packagers are doing just that (Solent and Mortgage 2000 for example).

From a strategic stance, TMB is firmly behind packagers and indeed we see packagers as being closely linked with our own growth. It is TMB’s intention to be the number one lender to packagers and to gear all our developments to them. If there are any packagers who harbour doubts about our intentions, they can contact us and we will be happy to talk to them.