Our distribution strategy is focussed on quality service

From Colin Sanders

I read with interest Simon Mouncher’s letter (Mortgage Strategy, November 7) in which he urged Mortgage Strategy to survey specialist lenders about their distribution strategies. Well, here’s one lender that doesn’t have to wait for the call and is happy to set its stall out now.

Our choice of distribution strategy was deliberate. By focussing on quality intermediaries capable of producing consistent levels of business, we have linked closely with a group that has time and again proved its ability to add real value to the origination chain. It has also allowed us to grow our chosen partnerships in a controlled and structured way that would not have been possible had we made our products directly available to the wider broker community.

We have not taken this route in order to create an elite panel, but purely out of a common sense recognition that we cannot afford to compromise on our service excellence.

By making intelligent decisions

about whom we partner with, we have been consistently successful in this regard. I hope we have also been able to reciprocate the loyalty Mouncher clearly places such a premium on.

I wouldn’t presume to speak for other lenders regarding their choice of distribution strategy.

I can, however, speak for Money Partners and am happy to reiterate our commitment to the intermediary sector that Mouncher feels is being let down. We will continue to prove this as we embark on our second year.

I, or any of my senior colleagues, would be happy to have a conversation with him to explain this in more detail.