London Scottish adds secured products to Phonix CPU system

Phoenix CPU, the producer of sub-prime mortgage and second charge software, says London Scottish is adding its secured loan products to its system.

The Place Me system concentrates solely on the sub-prime mortgage market and secured loans to enable brokers to produce accurate comparison information to help their clients research.

Place Me currently shows secured loan products from Blemain, Money Partners, Paragon and Swift. London Scottish will be the fifth secured loan lender to be added. Agreements are also being reached with GE Money and SPPL.

Ernie Reeves, director at Phoenix CPU, says: “Second charge lending is quickly becoming part of the mainstream and brokers are keen to be able to research this area efficiently. Adding a firm of London Scottishs calibre just gives brokers more opportunities to widen the net with some great new products.”

Howard Graham, head of sales at London Scottish, says: “We are always looking for ways to get our products in front of more brokers. Place Me software helps us do just that. Phoenix CPU are to be congratulated on giving brokers a chance to compare secured loans as well as they do mortgages.”