Freehold reveals its first 16 members

Freehold has announced the first 16 members to join the packaging association.

Paul Brett, spokesman for Freehold, says: “I am delighted to welcome our first 16 members who represent some of the most active regional packagers in the UK. We are in advanced talks with three other firms, and our intention is to cap the membership at 25. This is a great start and we are confident that we will soon reach our full complement.”

Terry Pritchard, managing director of Chase UK, says: “I have known Paul Brett for a number of years and was pleased when he asked me to join. He has got together a good mix of like minded people and I think if we all work to the same end it will be a very successful organisation, and of great benefit to those who are members.”

The current members are Abacus Mortgages, Access Mortgages, Active Investments, Chapel House, Chase UK, Clear Mortgage Administration, CMS, FastCom Mortgage Packaging, First Union Mortgages, Formula Mortgages, KGB, Lotus Benefit Consultants, Mortgage World UK, Niche Mortgage Solutions, The Sussex Mortgage Specialist and W & B Mortgages.