em-international launches Spanish product at Expo

em- international has announced a semi-exclusive product for the Spanish market to be launched at the Mortgage Business Expo this week.

The product is interest only for the first 10 years then 15 years repayment thereafter.

Roger Morris, managing director at em-, says: By UK measure this may not seem like a big deal, however for the Spanish market this product represents the first of this kind, offering up to an 80% LTV. The nearest competitor at present only offers an LTV of 70%. We are certain that this product will generate much interest from our broker community. As with the other mortgage sectors of our business, such as residential and commercial, em- constantly strive to offer the best possible exclusive products to brokers and the end client.

em-international offers mortgage solutions as well as a specialist property search facilities Assisting with all aspects of the process from finding the perfect property, through to arranging suitable finance routes for investors looking to buy abroad.