EConveyancer to be used to produce HIPs

The United Group is to use its eConveyancer system to to produce HIPs, following research into what brokers and estate agents want from an HIP provider.

The online conveyancing system has a reputation for being easy to use and effective in helping brokers give service clients, and United believes this will help when launching its online HIP service.

A demonstration version of the system will be available in December, with the full service going live in the middle of next year. It will incorporate Trigold and Mortgage Brain technology.

Nigel Hoath, director at eConveyancer and United Surveyors, says: “We don’t want to rush this, we just want it to work well. We have some built up some credit with what we have already done want to take time to research this and get it right.”

The system will be provided as part of the eConveyancer service, incorporating its search technology to collate the information needed to produce HIPs.

Intermediaries will earn a fee for using the system to produce the packs.

Hoath adds: “We want to help brokers to earn money from conveyancing and HIPs but not at clients’ expense. They will be able to make 100 for a couple of minutes’ work.”

Brokers will have access to home inspectors from United Surveyors, owned by the United Group, but they will not be obliged to use them for the Home Condition Report, part of the HIP.