Clerical Medical runs A-Day teleconferences

Clerical Medical has been running a series of IFA teleconferences covering the opportunities and issues on A-Day and the technical knowledge required to meet them.

The main advantage of using teleconference facility is the effective use of time as the financial adviser can dial in from their office but still have the opportunity of one to one discussions. This saves on travel time and cost.

Feedback from the sessions has been highly positive and a number of financial advisers have been able to use the sessions to sit relevant tests, giving them compliance sign-off to advise on higher-level pension arrangements.

The sessions have regular times and also come with a downloadable PowerPoint presentation, which the adviser is talked through.

Keith Gilmour, intermediary sales director at Clerical Medical, says: “We have added this facility to help financial advisers understand the opportunities and technical issues of A-Day.

“By using teleconferencing we are able to reduce their down-time to an absolute minimum but can still give personal advice on any queries they might have.”

David Cartwright, director of research and development at Thinc Destini, says: “We are impressed by the facility and the high level of technical expertise available. The format works extremely well and the Thinc Destini advisers who have used it are very positive about the convenience of training at their own work place.”

Further teleconferences are being organised with a number of other networks over the coming weeks.