Capital Link teams up with Mortgage Promotions

Capital Link, a specialist bankruptcy service, is the latest company to team up with Mortgage Promotions, the direct to lender mortgage club.

Capital Link provides a service to broker introduced clients who are faced with losing their homes due to claims under bankruptcy. Under the scheme, Capital Link negotiate with the trustees in bankruptcy to reach a settlement figure, which in most cases is considerably lower than could be achieved elsewhere. Capital Link then arrange a suitable mortgage to pay off the debt.

Nick Baxter, managing director of Mortgage Promotions, says: “We are always looking for extra value services that our brokers can make use of. Capital Link has a specialist service, which can help save bankrupt home owners and those facing bankruptcy thousands of pounds in fees.

“Mortgage brokers are well placed to introduce this service to their clients and I am sure that Mortgage Promotions members will find this service very useful.”

Tony Hagerty, principal of Capital Link, adds: “Bankruptcy is a complex area but one in which mortgage brokers and IFAs are very likely to find potential clients looking for help. We are very excited at the chance to work with Mortgage Promotions brokers and welcome the opportunity to talk to them about our service and the clients who would benefit.”