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The Mortgage Mole

Martial moves Last week the Huffington Post ran a story on London landlords evicting tenants so they can let out the properties for inflated prices during the Olympics.

The story included a comment from the National Landlords Association. But instead of attributing it to Chris Norris, policy manager at the NLA, HuffPo attributed it to Chuck Norris, Hollywood legend and renowned martial artist.

David Whittaker, managing director of Mortgages For Business, is advising landlords to take Norris’ advice seriously.

“Not only do they risk losing long-term income streams for the sake of short-term gains, with Chuck Norris involved, they also run the risk of a round-house kick to the head if they jeopardise their tenant relationships,” he told Mole.

Mr popular Last week chief executive officer designate of the Financial Conduct Authority Martin Wheatley, told the Building Societies Association conference about the difficulties of his previous job in charge of Hong Kong’s financial regulator.

Just like the UK, when the financial crisis hit the regulator took some of the blame. Protesters targeted Wheatley by burning an effigy in the street, holding marches calling for his sacking and occupying the bottom floor of his offices.

He quipped that his new role will be even more difficult. Hopefully brokers won’t be forced to resort to the techniques of their Chinese counterparts.

But Mole wonders why he was seen as the best man to run the UK regulator? Clearly the FCA is not expecting to win many friends when it launches next year.

Chopped This week’s Green Tree winner is Angela Price from Independent Financial Planning. She is the final winner as the Green Tree competition has now been axed.


Simpler application forms will make everyone happier

I was interested to see the news that Nationwide is going to send back incomplete application forms. On the face of it that is fair enough, it is important that brokers provide lenders with sufficient information so that they can make a good credit decision.

Champion the small-scale developer

Traditional development finance must price in project and liquidity risk, but if your project is completed and you have begun selling units you could be eligible for cheaper funding, writes Matthew Tooth of Lendinvest. A product which prices purely for liquidity risk is one way to help developers lower their costs. This type of product allows […]


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