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The Mortgage Mole: Missing the point


Missing the point

Over the years, Mole has had his fair share of laughs on the Mortgage Strategy news desk. 

Every now and then, in between scurrying around the mortgage market hunting out the latest scoop, Mole has to – as all journalists do – browse through the odd press release. These can often be amusing but it is imperative that they are informative. 

Some PRs are effortlessly able to explain the most complicated of topics, but one from eConnect Cars (we don’t know why we received a release from them, either) drew a hearty laugh from Mole when he failed to provide any information at all in his press release. 

However, the copy did reveal several secrets for putting together a good press notice – or not. 

Things didn’t start well, with an opening line of: “I’m writing to you from (name of company) (URL of company) to let you know about (our product, new launch, award etc).” But nothing could top the immortal phrase: “Insert line indicating why it is ‘news’ and what makes it interesting.” 

PRs of the world, you have been well and truly rumbled.

Double Dev

As you have probably noticed over the past year, Mortgage Strategy reporter Devraj Ray is a renowned celebrity spotter. In fact, his celeb selfies number in the dozens.

But it seems Myhomemove group sales director Dev Malle wants to be the selfie king among all the Devs out there.

As you can see from this week’s Caption Competition, Malle was so determined to outdo Ray that he attended the X-Factor final at Wembley just before Christmas with a few members of his team with the sole aim of getting a selfie with the contestants. 

Mole is considering a selfie ban before this battle gets out of hand. 



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