The Mortgage Mole


DOPPELGANGER It was a case of mistaken identity for Lending Zone’s John Murray last week. He was invited out for lunch in London but the conversation took a strange turn when his host started quizzing him on his recent move from the Financial Services Authority.

Murray used to work for the Building Societies Association, but his only association with the FSA has been to doggedly price up how much its art collection in Canary Wharf is worth. So he had to confess that, like the classic Alfred Hitchcock film starring Henry Fonda, his date had the wrong man.

Murray told Mole: “The other John Murray was head of media relations at the FSA. If my lunch date tracks him down hopefully he’ll have some luck finding out how much the FSA is blowing on art to civilise its workers this year.”

TWISTED HEART There was a tense atmosphere in the Mortgage Strategy HQ last Friday. Reporter Samuel Dale was scratching his brow about the solid chocolate love heart he’d received in the post, which had arrived in an unmarked brown envelope without any covering note.

Spooked that after changing his name three times his ex-girlfriend had once again tracked him down, the chocolate came with a small card that menacingly said in large blood-red capital letters, BE MINE. The only identifying marks were the Bournemouth postmark, and the light green ribbon that held the chocolate’s plastic wrapping together.

Dale’s hoping that his mystery valentine was South Coast-based equity release provider LV= and not another twisted ex.