Shapps must come clean on first-time buyers problems

I was interested to read how housing minister Grant Shapps thought that more could be done to help first-time buyers ahead of a summit last week (Mortgage Strategy Online).

Shapps, Prime Minister David Cameron, former Liberal Democrat spokesman Lord Oakeshott and Labour MP George Mudie are weasels insincerely professing concern for first-time buyers.

Where was the concern when prices were rocketing for 10 years. This is just a cynical attempt by Shapps and his cronies to kill off a sensible piece of legislation by the Financial Services Authority.

They know it will help further deflate the housing bubble which will benefit first-time buyers. But it will harm the many leeches, including the myriad of MPs with two or more homes, who feed off our bloated housing market.

Shapps come clean about your true intentions and save your crocodile tears for the Oscars.

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