Consumer issues with mortgages creep up in Q3

Mortgage related complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service edged up in Q3 of 2010/11, with more problems being resolved in favour of the consumer.

There were 1,829 mortgage rel-ated grievances between October and December, up on the 1,789 bet-ween July and September 2010.

The Ombudsman resolved 42% in favour of the consumer in Q3, up from only 30% in Q2.

Complaints about Payment Pro-tection Insurance rose from 21,320 in Q2 to 24,955 in Q3 and accounted for 50% of all complaints to the Ombudsman. Some 66% were resolved in favour of the consumer.

Mortgage grievances account for 4% of all complaints made to the Ombudsman.

Natalie Ceeney, chief executive and chief ombudsman, says: “The figures reveal some good news, in that complaint numbers in some categories are leveling off, or even starting to fall.

“However, things look very diff-erent as far as complaints about PPI are concerned. Here, the numbers continue to rise and now account for half of our workload.”