Salans slams EPC

Salans, the brokers specialist conveyancer, has launched a rallying cry for the government to remove the Energy Performance Certificate from the Home Information Pack to create a workable version of the HIP.

Following the announcement three weeks ago that the Home Condition Report would not be mandatory in the HIP, the market has been rocked on its heels about the future of the pack with many already writing the obituary for the pack in any form.

Caroline Havers, partner at Salans Bromley office, says: The writing is on the wall for HIPs in their current incarnation as without the HCR you are left with largely the items we have at the moment.

Nevertheless, by harnessing the awareness and momentum created by HIPs in support of e-conveyancing we have an opportunity to seize victory from the jaws of defeat.

E-conveyancing is one area that can deliver real and practical benefits and not just political rhetoric.

Professional conveyancers are already producing almost all of the remaining detail in the HIP at the current time and the few remaining items can be added with minimal fuss.

However, the suggestion that EPCs (which we have until 2009 to put in place) must be included in the pack introduces a pointless complication.

All of the other items in the pack can be accumulated via the desktop with the minimum of fuss but the EPC requires a site visit and inspection.

Although this can be performed by inspectors after just a one or two day course it seems ludicrous to add this additional requirement in at this stage. For once, lets see common-sense prevail and add the EPC to the valuation which is being peormed later in the process anyway.

There is no practical advantage to including the EPC to the IP aside from making it look a little more substantial. I hope for all our sakes that this is not the case.

I think that this is the governments last chance to create something to create a workable solution before the entire pack becomes a joke.