RAMP adds Advantage to its panel

The Regulatory Alliance of Mortgage Packagers has appointed Advantage to its panel.

Advantage, a Morgan Stanley Group company, is a specialist lender active in the sub-prime market.

John Rice, managing director at RAMP, says: “Advantage, having come from a packaging background, is well equipped to understand and respond to the issues which RAMP members face. Advantage has also brought its packaging experience to bear in the design of its products and I am sure that the service will add lustre to our members offering. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

Keith Dearling, managing director of Advantage, says: We are delighted to be joining RAMPs lender panel. Further to our commitment to develop innovative products and services, we also aim to make a significant impact with RAMP members in the area of system integration.

“Our intention is to deliver our products and services in the most efficient manner possible by integrating their business into our on-line binding decision model, thereby enabling our packager partners to process more business with reduced costs and therefore improved profitability. We believe that our packaging heritage will ensure that RAMP members find us extremely supportive and responsive to their needs and very much look forward to working with them over the coming months and years.