Marketing Brief

Support is critical in the mortgage industry. Kevin Paterson\'s A-Z review rates the marketing material that lenders issue to help brokers with sales and business development .

Nationwide, the leviathan of the mutual sector, does not disappoint with its website marketing. The website is laid out in a clear, open style with simple navigational tools. There is a toolbox with lots of useful information ranging from Nationwide’s house price index to the locations of the society’s mortgage centres. There is an online Key Facts Illustration facility plus a link with the Mortgage Trading Exchange.

By comparison, Newbury’s website looks pretty drab. The nine-branch regional mutual embodies all I dislike about website marketing. It is boring, lacks functionality, does not recognise the intermediary sector and has way too much text with no downloads. Apart from that it’s fine.


While this website is more than competent and fit for purpose I would have liked to have seen more in the way of marketing material and tools made available to intermediaries. The society has lots of good things to talk about, ranging from a lower base variable rate that is typically some 0.5% below most of its rivals to self-build, key worker scheme facilities and Right to Buy. But I don’t think it makes the best of its strong points. The appearance, while functional, is a bit boring and doesn’t take full advantage of the leading-edge technology available. The downloads are reasonable but I’d like to see more of them, as well as some in printer-friendly black and white.


The Newbury website is a heartbeat away from a brochure site – and even then it would be a pretty tedious brochure. I could not find any functionality and there is a shortage of anything that looks remotely like marketing material. It does not help that it puts all the small print online making you go screen-blind if you try to find out some details. All of this is a shame because Newbury has a competitive range and some specialist niche products like shared ownership, shared equity and key worker offerings. I’m sure this regional mutual works with intermediaries although you’d struggle to see any evidence of that from the website as there is no reference to brokers apart from its financial planning facility.