Marathon Money


Name: Barney McCarthy

Age: 23

Job title & company: Deputy features editor, Mortgage Strategy

Current weight: 15 stone

Proposed running weight: 14 stone

Previous marathon experience: Flora London Marathon 2006. Half-marathons – Great North Run 2004, Bath 2005, Roding Valley 2006.

Marathon personal best time: 3:33 (London 2006).

Expected NYC Time: Sub-3:30.

Dietary changes: A drastic cutback on my alcohol intake at industry events will be the main change to my diet. Choosing healthy options at corporate lunches will be hard but worth it in the long run. Late night visits to fried chicken outlets are also off the agenda until after November. Lots of carbohydrates will be the order of the day to give myself energy for all the gruelling marathon training, as well as playing football twice a week.

Target fundraising amount: 5,000-plus.

Why am i doing this? I like a challenge and two marathons in a year is a pretty big one. It’s great to raise money for a worthwhile cause and I hope to lose some weight as well.

Who would I most like to run behind?

Jennifer Aniston.


Name: Angus MacNaughton

Age: 42

Job title & company: Corporate development executive,


Current weight: 15 stone

Proposed running weight: 14 stone

Previous marathon experience: NYC 2005.

Marathon personal best time: 4:53.

Expected NYC Time: 4:00.

Dietary changes: No chips, no chocolate, no beer, no curry – no life really.

Target fundraising amount: 10,000.

Why am i doing this? Primarily because I was silly enough to challenge Duffy’s Dirty Dozen. After saying never again and shoot me if you see me putting on running shoes, here I am. Madness. Last year I completed the course in four hours and 53 minutes. It was the hardest physical and mental thing I have ever done. I’m sure this year will be just as memorable and we’ll all have a terrific time in New York – after the run anyway. Macmillan Cancer Relief is also a great cause to support. It provides practical, medical, financial and emotional support to those affected and can make a difference to their lives.

Who would i most like to run behind? Nobody. Given the expected conditions I think I can lead from the front and win this marathon in four hours.

Details on how to donate in next week’s issue