Kent Reliance to overhaul IT system

Kent Reliance has appointed s2s, a UK based network consulting specialist, to transform its IT and network infrastructure.

This will enable it to enhance the growth of its outsourced operations in India and allow it to increase the range of hosted network services that it can offer to third parties – including other building societies.

The new system means that all core business programmes and processes can be operated and managed from a secure purpose built data centre at KRBS headquarters in Chatham, Kent.

The Multi-Protocol Label Switching network will be more robust and significantly faster than the existing infrastructure allowing KRBS to completely centralise its management and reporting structure across both the UK and India.

Importantly, the high-speed network will also allow KRBS to set up new offices quickly and cost effectively in both onshore and offshore locations that were previously considered uneconomic because of size or relative remoteness.

Mike Lazenby, chief executive of KRBS, says: Here is an example of KRBS outsourcing in the UK, with an order close to 1m.

s2s consultants will be managing our systems for the next three years as we look at sitting our operations in a far wider range of locations.

We have a long established relationship with the company and have every confidence in its consultants to deliver, leaving us safe in the knowledge that we can concentrate fully on our core business.