Home inspectors to take legal action

Over 1,000 home inspectors are to take legal action against the government following the Home Condition Report fiasco.

The move comes as the government controversially revealed it is to train people as energy inspectors, which some trained home inspectors see as direct competition.

Energy inspectors will be trained to carry out the Energy Performance Certificate without the additional home inspector training, and could only cost them 1,000.

Jim Gillespie is seeking advice from a barrister after spending over 10,000 training to become a home inspector. He feels the energy inspectors will be able to undercut home inspectors on price.

He says: “We signed up based on information posted on the deputy prime minister’s website saying there would be a need for 7,500 inspectors and we would be on a salary of around 70,000. Now that HCRs are voluntary the take-up will be so small there is no chance of a salary anywhere near that.

“We have a two-pronged case – legitimate loss of fees and loss of potential earnings. Some people took out loans, which means they are in debt and may not be able to pay back.”

A spokesperson for the Department for Communities and Local Government says: “There are still opportunities for home inspectors. As it is, only fully qualified inspectors can carry out the Energy Performance Certificate as this is the only qualification on offer.

“With this diploma, home inspectors could carry out the energy performance certificate and the HCR. The new qualification will provide the training to carry out just the EPC.”