em- launches range for Northern Ireland

Mortgage packager em- has launched a new semi-exclusive range of non-conforming and near prime commercial products through em-commercial.

These products are dedicated to the growing Northern Ireland market and are being launched in association with Commercial First Northern Ireland.

Both ranges should gain interest from brokers across the area with the non-conforming offering up to 75% LTV with a procuration fee of 1.5%, whilst the near prime range offers up to 80% LTV and a procuration fee of 1%. Each range also offers a maximum loan of 2 million.

Roger Morris, managing director at em-, says: “The commercial market in Northern Ireland is very exciting at the moment and we are delighted that we can offer a range of unique products to brokers in this area.

“Northern Ireland has seen a great deal of growth in the commercial mortgage sector and these tailored products show that we are making a specific commitment to these brokers.”