Wacky Races

Mortgage Strategy deputy editor Robert Thickett disgraced himself at last week’s mortgage market rally courtesy of HBOS.

The lucky hack, along with 40 other members of the industry, had been invited to Bedford to race seven powerful cars including a Porsche 911, a Palmer Jaguar, a Jaguar XKR, a Caterham 7 Sprint and a Land Rover Defender.

Simon Taylor, chief executive officer of Uinsure, was the top performer, closely followed by Paul Hogarth, senior partner of Paradigm Partners, and Lee Birkett, CEO of Prestbury.

Mortgage Strategy’s publishing director Patrick Ponsford was dubbed the ‘King of driving slow’ for being the only person to score 50 on the Land Rover Defender obstacle course, which rewards skill on the wheel rather than pedal to the metal.

But it was more a case of Driving Miss Daisy for the yellow-bellied Thickett. The quaking cowardly custard barely passed 40mph the whole day.

The other drivers were so shocked by the hack’s appalling driving that ‘Top gun’ Taylor questioned whether ‘Firing blanks’ Thickett even had a driving licence.